The Making of the Lego Ninjago Ninja Cole Costume

This could really be any of the ninjas but this example and design is of Cole

Step 1: Deconstructing a box, then cut the general shape by hand of a lego man’s chest.

Step 2: Add cardboard sides, connecting them with painters tape.

Step 3: Make sure to leave one of the back side of the body open for taking the costume on and off

Step 4: Cut about 2 inches around the cardboard then adhering it to the box with spray adhesive or a hot glue gun

Step 5: Draw or trace the designs to scale on fabric applique adhesive and iron onto scrap or recycled fabrics (we all have it laying around).

Step 6: Open side will close with strips of velcro for easy in and out. The remainder will be the traditional ninja costume.

Step 7: Have great night as the best dressed ninja in town

Source: Baby Lux Design


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